Well, AnOilman requested some decoration so…

..you got it! My first post is a very simple, yet purposeful one that can be referred to whenever an AGW denier rolls out either of these favourite worn-out memes:

  1. There was a globally synchronous Medieval Warm Period (MWP, aka Medieval Climate Anomaly MCA) that was warmer than today.
  2. Michael E. Mann’s earliest paleoclimate reconstructions (MBH98/99) are shoddy/fraudulent/based on bad data. Non-centered PCA is not a valid method, etc.


That kills two birds with one stone. The PAGES 2K synthesis, which was published in 2013, involved almost 80 individual collaborators who worked with many high quality proxies from different parts of the globe. It’s uncanny how closely it matches the reconstruction of MBH99 (Mann, Bradley, Hughes 1999) from almost 15 years earlier.

So, where exactly is that MWP, and how in any way is Mann’s early work ‘fraudulent’?